Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Report spam button on rt.cpan.org

May be you don't know, but when people complain about http://rt.cpan.org service.I'm one of responsible for some stupidities. Heh. I'm not going to protect myself.

Fruck. All the cpan authors are responsible. The code behind the service is freeand you can send patches and extensions. Do you know number of those we recieved?ZERO.

That was a headup. Now, about reporting spam, I've writen a simple RT extension soregular users can help report messages as spam. It's in best practical's repository:


I've installed it already, but it has several problems:

1. no icons for the button.

2. when you click on link, browser jumps to a page when it should be AJAX style.it works locally, but doesn't on the service. It needs debugging.

Help is welcome. You can write to ruz@bestpractical.com or find ruz/ruz_macon IRC channels.

The way to search those spam tickets is described in the README.


  1. If you're one of the responsibles, then let me tell you one thing:

    ***Thank You***Plain, honest, big time. I've been a CPAN module author for a couple of years now, and CPAN user for way longer. Having RT integration is one of the things that make CPAN so great. If people want to use other ticketing system, fine by them. Except for a few minor glitches, I find RT to be very easy to use and efficient, making absolutely no excuse for module authors to leave so many open tickets on their distributions.

    And I must tell you: if people complain, it's because they care. Maybe not enough to write patches themselves, but you really should consider those just some "wishlist" reports, to give you guys guidance on future enhancements.

    So, again, thank you. And keep up the great work. Please also extend my gratitude to the rest of the dev team. They make my life easier, just as I hope I do for others (either contributing my own modules/patches or writing tickets for others authors).

  2. Firstly, thanks again for your time.

    I'm curious to hear that the code is available. I'd always heard that rt.cpan.org wasn't standard RT, that it was tailored. And there's no links on the rt.cpan.org pages that says where the source code is.

  3. Welcome. Adam, thank you for helping clean spam. I hope this extension + bulk update will make it easy to clean a lot of junk.

    I'm documenting "available source" part.

  4. http://cubloid.blogspot.com/2009/05/where-can-you-find-code-behind.html