Friday, May 29, 2009

The Dual-Lived Problem

Chromatic writes about perl future. His recent post on The Dual-Lived Problem brought my attention and I had time to read it to the bottom. I'll stop on the following idea and will try to promote tools we at Best Practical develop for our needs:

First, improve the core's automated testing.
This helps everyone; it can identify changes
in the core code that affect the stability
and behavior of the standard library. It can
also identify changes in standard library
modules which do not work on important platforms.

I do believe that CHIMPS toolset can help with this. Can not saythat it's been tested for such purpose, but it used exactly inthis way by BPS. We tests each revision of our project on mostrecent revision of another project it depends on.

Hope people can try with some modules they care about and reportback issues. You should prefer developer releases I recentlyblogged about orrepositories on github.

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