Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bugzilla 3.0 (BZ) is here, but let's compare the feature list to Request Tracker (RT)

I want to note that my experience with bugzilla end ups on filling bug reports, tracking progress on a bug and searching. So this review is quite superficial

Custom Fields

RT has support for CFs for several years and it's improved in each version. In the development branch have been added the following things:

  • Dynamic custom fields values

  • Autcompletion in input field of a CF

mod_perl Support

Several years ago people were running RT on apache1/mod_perl1 servers, now people do the same as well as using apache2/mp2 or FastCGI with apache/nginx/ligthttpd.

Shared Saved Searches

In RT user can access to groups' "saved searches" in some cases to system's, all this depends on rights you've granted to your user. People can add this to their workspace (RT at glance).

Custom Resolutions

As I understand Status field of tickets in RT is closest analogy to resolution field in BZ. As I wrote before, during discussion of custom statues in RT, I don't like this idea. RT has custom fields and you can add a field that describes the current status of a ticket in details if need this info. However, because of huge amount requests this feature had been implemented in RT 3.4 or may be earlier. Like in BZ you can set a custom list, but our list is splitted into active statuses and inactive, what makes it easier to write custom scrips and allow developers to integrate some sane default dates management based on custom statuses.

Per-Product Permissions

I couldn't make any comparison of ACL sub-systems using only this feature.

XML-RPC Interface

RT has REST interface.


Since RT 3.6 it has "skins" too, in 3.8 users would be able to select preferred skin, but I think the main goal of skinnanization in these software is to make it easier for companies to integrate a tool into design of other internal applications.

File/Modify Bugs By Email


Other things

Here is other things from the list, but I either have no wish to comment them or they are not related to this comparison:

  • Attachments and Flags on New Bugs

  • Unchangeable Fields Appear Unchangeable

  • All Emails in Templates

  • No More Double-Filed Bugs

  • Default CC List for Components

  • Users Who Get All Bug Notifications

  • Improved UTF-8 Support

  • Automatic Update Notification

  • Welcome Page for New Installs

  • Other Enhancements and Changes

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