Thursday, February 21, 2013

My play-perl and perl5 core quests

If you don't know about play-perl then check this out. I've decided how I'm going to use this site.

Participating in Perl5 core development

I would love to participate more in perl5 core development. From time to time I read perl5-porters mailing list, sometimes participate in discussions. However, nobody likes people who says "A" and then disappears for a week or more. The only thing I can do is code tiny things on my own schedule. I don't want to run an idea by p5p list and block somebody from implementing it. Often I don't know if an idea is implementable or not, how big would impact, how hard it would be to maintain thing... So there is a big gap between idea and contacting p5p list for review and assessment.

My play perl

Here comes play-perl to the scene. I'm going to push my ideas as quests with link to this blog post and some common wording in the comment. The goals are:

  • sharing ideas very early
  • discussion at early stage
  • assessing importance with likes
  • hooking in contributors

You are free to take over a quest

At the moment play-perl is not very multiplayer, but there are plans. For now to coordinate collaboration on a quest you can do the following besides usual discussion:

  • ask for status update
  • ask for more details
  • claim a quest for a day - a week

Let's see where it would take us. Looking forward to experience.

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  1. Hello, can you please recommend any resource, where I could learn more about Perl in Russian language?
    Thank you!